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Nikon COOLPIX 8400

Compact digital camera with an excellent wide-angle lens 24-85 mm *, a matrix of 8 million effective pixels and a wide range of additional functions.
* equivalent for 35 mm film cameras

Amsterdam, September 16, 2004. Nikon, the world leader in film and digital cameras, has announced the release of its new Nikon COOLPIX 8400 camera (www.europe-nikon.com), a high-quality compact digital camera equipped with an 8 million-pixel sensor having a wide range of focal lengths (24-85 mm equivalent for 35 mm film cameras), a quick autofocus system and a huge number of different functions.

With a focal length range of 24-85 mm (equivalent to 35 mm film cameras), the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 provides amazing shooting options, allowing you to take it in a variety of genres, from landscapes to portraits. The Nikon COOLPIX 8400 delivers excellent macro results up to 3 cm away, with small subjects captured with stunning detail. High resolution images are achieved using the impressive 8 million pixel sensor that the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 is equipped with. In addition, it is now possible to print pictures without a computer, since the camera provides the ability to print directly using the PictBridge interface. The Nikon COOLPIX 8400 can be equipped with optical lens mounts (converters) and other optional accessories.

Fast autofocus makes it easy to capture unexpected moments, and the lightweight and extremely durable magnesium alloy body makes it easy to use in any situation. A liquid crystal TFT screen (134,000 points) with the ability to rotate is indispensable for shooting with a non-standard location of the camera, for example, high above your head, at the waist level and from other unusual angles. The convenient and stylish design of the camera, compatible with other Nikon accessories for digital photography, is based on the exclusive development of renowned industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro * for Nikon.

Nikon’s D-Lighting technology, which is used in image viewing mode, automatically compensates for insufficient flash power or, on the contrary, backlight too intense to obtain the correct exposure for the entire frame. In addition, the COOLPIX 8400 features Nikon’s automatic red-eye detection and elimination feature.

By capturing high-quality images, the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 supports multiple file recording formats. The RAW (NEF) and HI (TIFF-RGB) formats are used for recording images without data compression. In addition, there are a number of modes with compression: this is JPEG EXTRA (compression ratio of approximately 1/2), which provides an excellent ratio between quality and compression ratio of data, JPEG FINE (compression ratio of approximately 1/4), JPEG NORMAL (to -t compression is about 1/8) and JPEG BASIC (compression set is about 1/16).

To capture the fleeting state of a moving subject, the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 offers continuous shooting. In addition, the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 camera allows you to shoot movies with sound in TV format at a speed of 30 frames per second, and using the digital compensation function, the presence of movement between frames is taken into account. Once shooting is complete, the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 can be easily connected to a TV to share pictures with friends, relatives and colleagues.

The Nikon COOLPIX 8400 is one of the most advanced digital cameras in the popular COOLPIX line. This camera is compatible with the SB-800 and SB-600 TTL flash units for the first time. In addition, a new automatic color enhancement function has been added. Thanks to this convenient feature, which is the fruit of Nikon’s many high-tech technologies, image colors are analyzed and adjusted to produce the most human-friendly results.

The creative potential of the Nikon COOLPIX 8400 camera can be expanded with a number of optional accessories, including wide-angle and tele-nozzles, one of which – TC-E3PF – uses Fresnel lenses made using Nikon’s unique technology. This nozzle provides a 3-fold increase, and its size and weight are significantly smaller than the corresponding tele-nozzles of a conventional design. Thanks to the use of a unique technology using Fresnel lenses, the new 3x magnification tele-attachment is small.

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