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If you’re one of the successful traders, familiar with the prop trading scene, chances are you’ve come across both TopStep and Take Profit Trader. But if you’re still trying to wrap your head around what sets these two apart, you’ve landed in the right place. In this comparison of Take Profit Trader vs TopStep, I’ll walk you through the crucial details you need to know.

Both platforms give traders a stage to prove their mettle and earn funding. Yet, they’re distinct in their offerings, perks, and obstacles. Let’s dive into the Take Profit Trader vs TopStep comparison to uncover what makes each platform stand out and how they cater to different trading needs and goals.

Take Profit Trader Background

Take Profit Trader, founded by James Sixsmith, is a prop company that has made a significant mark in the futures market. At its core, the firm aims to revolutionize how traders approach the market by implementing quality risk management and boosting their trading skills.

It’s not just about giving traders the opportunity to handle significant capital without dipping into their own pockets; it’s also about nurturing their growth through an impressive suite of educational materials now offered at no cost.

What sets Take Profit Trader apart in the crowded space of prop trading is its commitment to clarity and straightforwardness. This firm believes that success stems from clear trading rules and continuous development to develop a deep understanding of market dynamics, rather than just crunching numbers or resetting positions.

This approach to trader development has shaped a trading environment that encourages sustained profitability and skill enhancement, distinguishing it from competitors by prioritizing education and straightforward trading guidelines.


Founded in 2012 by Michael Patak, TopStep initially started at the Chicago Board of Trade but has grown into a leading online proprietary trading firm. Their unique Trading Combine® offers a risk-free, simulated futures trading environment, attracting a diverse range of traders globally. The firm boasts participants from 143 countries and provides accounts in 10 different currencies, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

TopStep supports 14 different trading platforms, making it adaptable for a wide audience. Its educational offerings, including extensive resources and live classes, position it as a valuable platform for traders at all levels seeking to enhance their skills without the financial risks typical of the markets.

Take Profit Trader vs TopStep: The Pros & Cons

Take Profit Trader Pros & Cons


  • Withdrawals can be made without any minimum trading days, facilitating immediate access to earnings.
  • The withdrawal process is swift, enhancing trader convenience.
  • Traders enjoy an 80% share of the profits, which is generous in the industry.
  • Pro accounts benefit from three resets, offering flexibility in strategy adjustments.
  • A diverse array of trading platforms caters to different preferences.
  • Offers a good variety of futures instruments, expanding trading opportunities.
  • Pro accounts require only a one-time fee, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Profit targets are set realistically, aligning with achievable trading outcomes.
  • Regular trading competitions incentivize performance with attractive prizes.
  • High-quality customer support ensures trader queries and concerns are promptly addressed.


  • The platform currently does not support trading in forex, stocks, or cryptocurrencies.
  • MetaTrader platforms, a popular choice among traders, are not available.
  • Automated trading strategies are not allowed, limiting those who prefer or rely on such methods.
  • Restrictions include not holding positions overnight or during major news events, which can limit trading flexibility.
  • A monthly fee is charged for evaluations, adding to the cost for traders.
  • Free trials are not offered, which could deter potential users from trying the platform without commitment.

TopStep Pros & Cons


  • The platform provides manageable starting capital requirements, making it accessible for a broader range of traders.
  • There’s substantial support for a variety of popular trading platforms, accommodating different user preferences.
  • An extensive selection of educational resources, including live classes, aids trader development significantly.
  • A 14-day trial period is available, allowing newcomers to explore services without immediate commitment.
  • Once traders successfully navigate the Trading Combine, they can access up to three Express Funded accounts, enhancing their trading journey.
  • Traders have the option to use one of 16 trading platforms, with five available at no additional cost, offering exceptional flexibility.
  • An attractive profit share structure is in place, with traders receiving 80% of profits after the initial $10,000, which they keep entirely.


  • The criteria for acquiring funding can be tough, potentially deterring less experienced traders.
  • Despite reductions, membership fees may still pose a barrier for some individuals considering the platform.
  • The focus is solely on futures trading, which means the asset selection is somewhat limited compared to platforms offering broader options.
  • A minimum payout of $125 and the restriction to bank wire transactions only could inconvenience some traders regarding access to their funds.

Who Take Profit Trader is Better For

Take Profit Trader caters especially to futures traders who prioritize quick access to their funds. The platform stands out by offering an 80% profit share accompanied by an expedited withdrawal system. For those opting for pro accounts, the advantage of having three resets is available, significantly increasing trading flexibility.

A broad array of trading platforms accommodates various trading preferences and strategies. Moreover, the emphasis on achievable profit goals, coupled with frequent trading contests, adds an appealing competitive edge.

For traders aligned with these features, looking for speed, flexibility, and variety, Click Here to explore what Take Profit Trader can offer you.

Who TopStep is Better For

TopStep is particularly well-suited for novice day traders aiming for growth and success in the trading field. The service accommodates a variety of well-known trading platforms, meeting the needs of diverse trading styles. With an array of educational resources, including live classes, it’s an ideal choice for those eager to expand their trading knowledge.

It’s also a great fit for individuals who value strong customer support to assist with their trading journey. Additionally, the focus on attainable profit goals and the organization of frequent trading contests further enhance its appeal.

If you’re a beginner in day trading or someone seeking comprehensive support and educational opportunities, Click Here to discover more about what TopStep can offer.

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Take Profit Trader vs TopStep: Comparing These Two Prop Firms  - The European Business Review (2024)
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