2020 Money Saving Challenges with Free Printables (2024)

Wow, I can’t believe 2019 went by so fast! If you blinked you might have missed it. Whenever the new year hits, I, like many people, start thinking about how the year went.

Did I hit my goals? Did I accomplish some things I didn’t even think about? What can I do for the new year? Part of that always comes back to saving more and spending less.

This year, it is especially important to me because I want to finally buy another home. 3 years after I split from my ex and sold my first house, I’m ready to be a homeowner again. So my goal this year is to save for a down payment.

What are your goals for 2020? How will you achieve them?

To help get you started towards savings goals, I’ve designed new free printable money saving challenge trackers and added them to my resource library.

There you can find these new trackers, as well as all of the old ones!

Quick Guide

2020 Money Saving Challenges

Save $2,020 in 2020

I think this challenge is going to be pretty popular this year! I mean, how perfect is it that the ATM happily spits out $20 bills and the year is 2020.

I’ve designed a few different design options for you for saving $2,020 in 2020 including:

  • Party / Confetti Theme Tracker
  • Floral Watercolor Tracker
  • Mason Jar Tracker

Each of these trackers is available for FREE in my resource library.

Twenty $20’s in 2020

2020 Money Saving Challenges with Free Printables (2)

As a single mom to a 12-year-old, I get it. Sometimes these money-saving challenges seem like too much. Sometimes your income is low, your expenses high, and sometimes both. Saving even $1,000 may seem impossible.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a savings challenge out there for you. This year, shoot for saving twenty $20 bills in 2020.

$400 isn’t a lot but you have to start somewhere. There is no time limit on this one.

For those of you with kids who want to do their own savings challenge, this is great for them too!

2020 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

In honor of 2020, these 52-week money-saving challenges will encourage you to stay on target to save $20 every week this year.

Filling in one of these cute 2020 savings trackers will mean you have saved $1,040!

Do you get paid bi-weekly? If so go ahead and just color in two spaces each paycheck!

Two options here. Both are “coins” in a mason jar. There is plenty of space around the edges for those of you that like to doodle as well! Choose pink or blue, whichever fits your personality best!

Choose Your Own Goal in 2020

2020 Money Saving Challenges with Free Printables (4)

Sometimes, savings trackers just don’t fit your unique situation. Maybe you need to save a specific amount for a trip or you want to save $10 bills instead of $20.

When designing my free money-saving challenge printables, I try to think of the most common situations and make those. One’s that are catchy and appeal to the general public.

Those don’t always fit every user though. For those of you that have a unique goal to achieve in 2020, I have created some blank savings trackers.

One has 26 spaces, and the other 52. You decide what each space should be. Mix the numbers up like I do in my other trackers, or, take your goal number and divide by the number of spaces for even amounts.

Whichever method is your preference, these savings traffic will help you reach your own goals in style!

26-Week Savings Challenge for 2020

2020 Money Saving Challenges with Free Printables (5)

Who doesn’t love a little retro vibe every now and again! This money-saving tracker has 26 triangles ready for you to fill in.

Using the values provided in each triangle, this will help you to save $1,404 in 26 increments.

For those of you that get paid every other week, this saving tracker is awesome. If you get paid weekly, consider this a six-month saving challenge, see how you do and switch things up mid-year!

How to Use the 2020 Money Saving Challenge Trackers

You will notice that my trackers don’t include dates. I realize every situation is different. Some of us get paid weekly, some bi-weekly, and some irregularly.

Likewise, some months can be hard and you can save less. Other months may have more cash coming in so it is easier to save larger amounts.

With most of my trackers, you can color, highlight or otherwise fill them in however you like. Do four in a week or one for the month if you need to. They are set up to have 52 spaces but don’t feel restricted to fill one in every week.

Heck, if you get things hustling you might be able to do the 2020 trackers AND follow along with some of the monthly trackers!

Other Money-Saving Challenges

There are a ton of other money-saving challenge ideas you can use to save more money in 2020. It’s all about finding a challenge in the money-saving sweet spot.

You see, for a money-saving challenge to be successful it needs two key elements:

  1. It has to be fun. If it isn’t fun, you are not going to keep up with it. For some “fun” means a pretty tracker, for others the fun is all in collecting the money. If you are like me it may be a bit of both!
  2. It has to be challenging but reasonable. The “challenge” should be challenging, but not so much so that you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up. If you ever wonder why most of my trackers don’t have dates, it is because I need that flexibility sometimes…and I am guessing most of you do too!

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2020 Money Saving Challenges with Free Printables (2024)
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