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It is no exaggeration to say that with the phrase “action camera” most people associate a very specific device. “Camcorder for extreme sports? Is it like Gou Pro, or what? ”, They usually respond like that if you are talking about some analogue. That is why not only windsurfers, ruffers and freestylers of all stripes were waiting for Go Pro 4, but in general all those who are at least a little interested in video filming.

According to the old tradition, GoPro 4 was presented immediately in three versions: Black, Silver and just Hero. Typically, all these cameras are the same color, the difference only applies to their characteristics.

The Black model (which will be discussed today mainly) shoots videos with an impressive 4K resolution (at 30 frames per second), 2.7K (at 50 frames) and 1080p (at 120 frames). Silver’s performance is one step worse: 1080p (60fps) and 720p 120 (fps), but at the same time it is equipped with a touch screen.

At first glance it seems that it’s like in the famous Kartsev’s monologue: these are 5 rubles each, but large, and these 3 rubles each, but small. But, “in reality, everything is not as it really is.” Just the purpose of these cameras is different. On Black there is no point in the display. The camera during use will be mainly packed in a special plastic case (as intended). Therefore, the design was decided to simplify and reduce the cost.

The silver version, in turn, is more massive, just for those who do not need 4K, but want to hold the wand over their heads. GoPro HERO (regular), however, only shoots 1080p30 and 720p60, but it costs only 129.99 dollars.

Outside, the camera is very similar to its predecessor, Go Pro Hero 3. The light indicators crawled to the left of the LCD screen, the camera became a couple of millimeters higher. That, in general, is the whole difference.

At the top there is a video start button, on the left – a button to call up settings (and turn on Wi-Fi) with a wrench engraved on it. On the right side there is a blank, under it: micro-USB, micro-HDMI and a slot for microSD cards. All connectors are popularly explained (many manufacturers should do the same, by the way). The plug does not fasten. It can easily get lost (even during the review a couple of times it seemed that everything, she left meet).

A waterproof case for the GoPro Hero 4 Black is included. The declared depth that he can withstand is 40 m. The back one-piece cover can be changed to a similar hollow – for better audio recording, but then it will be impossible to immerse the camera in water. The docking station connector is also blocked. At the same time, the buttons, in comparison with Hero 3, began to be pressed larger and tighter. To understand whether the button worked, you can only by the reaction of the camera.

Well, the famous wand must be bought separately.

In work
There is no display in the camera, we already know that. How does she manage? Mostly through a smartphone (or tablet).

The connection, as in similar programs for remote control of cameras and cameras, is via Wi-Fi. The camera itself will first of all suggest connecting your smartphone. To do this, find the Wi-Fi network created by the camera and connect to it.

All further management is carried out exclusively from him. Through a clear and intuitive interface, you can select the shooting mode or configure the camera.

With version 4, GoPro finally lets you tinker with the photo mode settings from the heart. Which, in general, is not surprising, it would be strange to have such permission and not to use it in photographic purposes. The obvious improvement.

It is worth saying that everything does not work too smoothly. First of all, the connection can be established every other time, and sometimes it allows itself to be interrupted. There are slight jams. What can I say, with a conventional display it would still be more convenient.

At the same time, you can use the black-and-white liquid crystal display on the front panel: through it you can instantly start video recording or take a photo.

In addition, two new shooting modes attract attention: Night Lapse and Night Photo. In fairness, there is no miracle in them, these are just preset settings for night photo and video shooting. Here it’s worth mentioning that the autonomy of the camera has fallen significantly compared to the previous model. One of the test videos is the recording of a football match. The camera shot almost everything, it was forgotten with rage, and at home, who wanted to enjoy their goals, the players were disappointed. GoPro sat down, and instead of video, it produced a broken file weighing 500 MB. Alas, it is difficult to get rid of the thought that this feature of it will prevent people from working with it. That is, timelapses, which involve many hours of shooting, must be removed carefully or with an additional power supply.

It makes no sense to talk about whether the camera shoots well, and we all already know perfectly well what is excellent. Previous models were good, what can I say about the update.

As already mentioned, the camera shoots with a resolution of 4K with a frequency of 30 frames per second. You need to understand that while this is still more marketing.

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