“The camera should be small and light.”
On the experience of using Canon C300 and C500 cameras when shooting documentaries At the end of 2013, documentary director Vitaly Mansky and I began working on a picture of…

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Nikon D5600
The current line of SLR cameras Nikon covers the entire spectrum of interests of customers. It has cameras with full-frame matrices (FX, frame size about 36 × 24 mm) and…

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Now let's talk about some parameters of digital video cameras that can still be used as selection criteria. Number of CCD Perhaps this is the parameter, at a glance at…

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As a rule, these devices are completely unpretentious. A miniature case, a camera, a microSD card slot, and a couple of buttons. However, there are exceptions. For example, today’s heroes have at least not one camera, but two.

In general, both DVRs (700 and 707 DUO PRO) are similar to each other like two drops of water. I am sure that if you show them to any person, then he will not see the difference. Is that the case color of the devices is slightly different. But the registrars have a difference and it is very fundamental. In general, this difference may affect the decision which of the two gadgets to choose. Are you intrigued? Well then, let’s figure it out.

So, in the CANSONIC 707 DUO PRO registrar two rotary cameras are installed. They can make videos in the resolution of 1920×720 (horizontal) or 1280×1440 (vertical) pixels with a frequency of 30 frames per second. The left camera has a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 140 °. This, in principle, is enough to shoot 5-6 lanes, which, in general, is very good. But the second lens is not simple, but telescopic. It is needed in order to better fix the number of the car that is driving in front, because this can become your testimony in an accident. The recording options for the right camera are the same, and both lenses are equipped with six lenses.

As for the 700th model, then both cameras are the same, wide-angle. You can use them in different ways. If you want, you can set it so that you shoot everything around at 280 °. But it is better if the second lens is directed to the salon. such a function is especially useful for taxi drivers or those who engage in private transportation. If suddenly something happens in the cabin, then you will always have undeniable evidence. Some drivers now use two DVRs for this purpose. But they take up a lot of space on the windshield, as well as two power ports, so it’s not very convenient. And with the CANSONIC 700 DUO PRO, everything is simple.

The remaining parameters for these DVRs are almost identical, so there is no point in considering them separately. The matrix in the cameras is 2 megapixels, which is not so much, but the video is of acceptable quality. The processor here is proprietary, CANSONIC OS1, but there is already 1 GB of memory, so this car black box will not slow down.

The equipment at the registrars is not maximum, but voluminous. There is also a cable for connecting to a PC, and a mount with a GPS module, and even a couple of spare Velcro. And this is in addition to the standard “suction cups” for installation on the windshield and charger. What is missing is a microSD card, so you have to buy it separately.

As for the appearance, the registrars look as simple as possible. But it is precisely in simplicity that lies the guarantee of beauty and convenience. Devices are rectangular boxes of black color. On the opposite sides are two rotary units with cameras. By the way, cameras rotate 180 degrees, so you can adjust the position of each lens separately. By the way, this feature makes it very easy to film the actions of traffic police officers if you were suddenly illegally stopped. You don’t have to torment yourself with the mount, remove the recorder, just turn one of the blocks with the lens in your direction. Around each lens are 6 infrared LEDs that help when shooting in the dark. You can enable them in the settings. To stabilize the image, the proprietary CANSONIC Anti-Shake system is used.

In the center of the front panel there is a small LCD-TFT 2 ”screen with a resolution of 960×240 pixels. This size is enough to set the desired camera position and adjust the picture. Of course, this is not enough to view the shot video, but you can always view the recording on the computer.

On either side of the screen are buttons for control. There is a button to enter the menu, to navigate through the settings and to select the shooting mode. In addition, there is a button for an emergency (makes the video indelible during cyclic dubbing), as well as a button for changing the image display mode from cameras.

On the upper edge of each recorder is an AV-OUT port (2.5 mm) for connecting to a TV with a special wire, a mini-USB connector for connecting a GLONASS / GPS module, as well as a port for connecting a charger or cable for transferring data to a computer. By the way, this connector is proprietary, so it is not recommended to lose charging or a cable for a PC. Here is the “OK” button, with which the selection in the menu is confirmed, and recording starts and stops.

Below the recorders there is a microSD card slot (up to 64 GB from grade 4 and above), a button on and off the device, and a Reset hole. But as for the battery, this is another minor difference between the models. The 700 DUO PRO has a built-in 700 mAh lithium-ion battery, while the 707 DUO PRO has a 800 mAh battery. The battery life of both registrars is approximately 1–1.5 hours, depending on the conditions. The size of each gadget is 135x52x17 mm, and the mass is 98 grams.

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