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Choosing a camera for holidays and travel 2019

We choose a camera for travel and the holiday season 2019 – a compact, mirrorless, recording 4K video, with a viewfinder and built-in flash.

The winter of 2019 has ended, which means that very soon there will be summer – the time for vacations and travels. And from a good trip, I want to bring not only souvenirs, but also pleasant memories and share these memories with friends and relatives. And of course, the best way to do this is to show your photos and videos taken during your trip.

In the age of mobile photography, we are used to taking photos and shooting videos on smartphones in everyday life. But on a trip, a smartphone will not be the best tool for photo and video shooting, and here’s why:

In smartphones, with rare exceptions, there is no possibility of enlarging the image without loss of quality, but if this possibility is present, the optical zoom occurs due to switching the cameras of the smartphone, and the telephoto lens often has a lower resolution than the sensor of the main camera.
Smartphone cameras have a dynamic range of 8 bits or less, which will negatively affect the shooting of contrasting scenes – for example, on a bright sunny day, light areas of a photo or video will be highlighted, and the shadows will be blacked out. Moreover, even if the smartphone has the ability to take pictures in RAW DNG, this is unlikely to save your pictures even in post-processing.
Due to the small size of the camera’s sensor, you will not be able to take high-quality photos or videos in the dark because the picture will be noisy, and because of the increased shutter speed, it will also be blurry. Also, if you want to take a picture with a blurred background (bokeh), then this is done using artificial processing by the smartphone processor and artifacts often occur during such processing, and the picture looks unnatural due to a sharp change in the zones of sharpness and blur the background. And shooting video from the “bokeh” with the current development of the smartphone structure is still completely impossible.
The smartphone’s battery capacity is limited and will be spent not only on calls in a remote location from the base stations of the cellular network, but also on photo and video shooting. And recharging the battery while traveling is not always possible.
So, if you decide that you still need to buy a travel camera, then let’s formulate the main criteria for a camera suitable for travel:

compact and light weight
battery life
enough megapixels camera sensor
the ability to shoot 4K video
built-in viewfinder for shooting on a bright sunny day
built-in flash for shooting in the dark and in bright backlight
optical zoom
video stabilization
Self-shooting is desirable.
Separately, I will clarify about 4K video shooting. We are going to preserve the memory of the event for a long time. But it will be a shame, you see, after five years so that everything was filmed “in this soapy full-hd” 🙂

We will choose based on prices in the B&H Photo store (we can buy in other stores). Sort by price and turn on 3 filters:

4K movie shooting
integrated viewfinder
built-in flash.
And so we get the rating of cameras for travel 2019 at a price of up to 1000 US dollars (inclusive), in fact, of 6 cameras.

Essentially because:

Lumix G7 is outdated
Lumix G85 is not so compact
Lumix GH4 – obsolete camcorder
Fujifilm X-T100 in fact can not record 4K video
Fujifilm X-T20 is technically outdated.
SLR cameras are not considered, because in cheap compact SLRs there is a small dim viewfinder, with the exception of Pentax, and Pentax itself is still an exception …

Compact cameras with non-interchangeable lenses are also not considered, due to their overpriced prices. There is an exception in this segment – the Lumix LX100, but you can only buy it if you have a service center nearby where you can clean the dust that accumulates between the sensor and the non-removable lens of this camera.

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