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Choosing a Digital Camcorder
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Nikon COOLPIX 8400
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5 best IP cameras

The main feature of any IP camera is its electronic filling. Depending on the cost of the device, it may have different additional functionality. For example, there are models that have a night mode – they do not need to turn on the light in the room. There are also IP cameras that can be accessed from absolutely any other gadget – in particular, from a smartphone. In a word, if you do not regret money and get the best model, you will sleep peacefully, as your store, bank or some other object will be reliably protected.

Corum CCTV was founded recently. For a short period of existence, she managed to make herself a big name. Now Corum IP video cameras are installed in retail outlets and premises of any type.

Buyers are not confused by the relatively low cost of such devices – it is much more important that the cameras stably perform their task. Many models produced by Corum have a waterproof housing, which allows them to be installed even on the street, attaching to the facade of the building.

D-Link has been around relatively recently – since 1986. Now it is known almost all over the world, and about 3000 people work for its benefit. Thousands of telecommunication devices leave its conveyors every day. For ordinary consumers, the brand is familiar with Wi-Fi routers. Well, various security organizations know about D-Link IP cameras. You can find them in stores, at enterprises and even in government agencies. In Russia, the products of this company began to be sold since 1999. Since then, she managed to win the sympathy of many buyers.


The Geovision brand belongs to the DEXI group of companies, existing since 2004. Her management noticed the transition from analog to digital in time. Now it is difficult to imagine the premises of banks and retail chains in which IP cameras that would not be installed would be installed. In some cases, the owners of such premises make their choice in favor of products under the Geovision trademark. Often, it pleases with its price tag, and in terms of capabilities is not inferior to more expensive counterparts.


The founding of HikVision was in the recent 2001. It’s hard to believe, but then it consisted of only 28 employees. Now HikVision is a world leader in the segment of manufacturers of video surveillance equipment. The number of employees gradually increased to 17,000 people! You can find IP cameras, video capture cards, video servers and other similar devices in at least 150 countries! And in 21 countries, the company decided to open official sales offices. As for the head office, it is located in China. But this is not the case when Chinese products are inferior to any other in terms of quality. Here the opposite is true – HikVision IP cameras are often inferior to competitors, and in many cases even surpass them. Proof of this is the fact that it was HikVision that organized the video surveillance of the facilities in Sochi when the Olympic Games were held there.


Many people know the Panasonic brand by cameras, headphones, music centers and televisions. But in fact, the range of devices manufactured by the Japanese is much wider. All kinds of video cameras also enter it. Traditional camcorders come across from time to time when a person comes to a store selling electronics. But Panasonic IP cameras are known to fewer consumers. Experts say that they are very functional, but often too expensive.

Rating of the best IP video cameras
In today’s rating, based, as always, on customer reviews, the following are taken into account:

Type of IP camera;
Estimated cost in the Russian Federation;
Image resolution;
The size and resolution of the matrix;
Sensor technology;
Focal length and aperture of the lens;
Type of power used;
IP functionality;
Additional features
Complaints of owners;
Mounting options;
The presence of IR illumination.

Best Dome IP Cameras
Geovision GV-SD220S HD-20X

Inside this model is a high-quality CMOS matrix of a fairly decent size. The camera lens has an optical zoom, as a result of which, if desired, the picture can be brought closer. It should be noted and anti-vandal protection, corresponding to the class IK10.

Reviews on the Geovision GV-SD220S HD-20X speak about the incredible characteristics of this model. Three or four years ago it was impossible to imagine the release of such an advanced IP camera. It provides the user with a choice between two image compression formats. At the same time, there is support for special technology, thanks to which the image is distinguishable even if the light is turned off in the room. Optical zoom also looks good, which can be 20- or 30x. Seriously, you can only regret the high price tag.

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