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Fujifilm X-T30 Mirrorless Camera Review: the best travel camera?

Fujifilm X-T30 is a mirrorless camera with an X-Trans CMOS IV sensor of APS-C format, with a resolution of 26.1 megapixels and an image processor X Processor 4. Exactly the same bunch we saw in the flagship X-T3 camera released at the end of last year . At the same time, the manufacturer positions the novelty as a camera for a wide range of users: the main idea is to provide the photographer with maximum flagship capabilities while maintaining a small size.

The camera may be interesting for both beginner amateur photographers who are not yet familiar with all the intricacies of manual settings and processing of photographs, and experienced photographers who, for example, are looking for a lightweight and compact travel tool. X-T30 shows a rather good balance between “serious” and “entertaining,” but, no matter which side you approach it with, it promises a high-quality result. During the test, I tried to cover the maximum of popular stories in order to get an idea of ​​which of the users the Fujifilm novelty really suits. The camera was tested with two lenses: a standard 18-55 mmf / 2.8-4 and a fast 23 mm f / 2.0.

Design and ergonomics
The style of Fujifilm cameras is well recognizable: references to retro-models with their analog controls, stylish but not artsy design. X-T30 is available in three colors: in addition to the all-black body, two two-tone ones are available for the user – with dark gray and silver splashes. The latter, in my opinion, look especially stylish and not beaten – in the end, if the camera is designed for creative people, then the opportunity to express their individuality due to the non-standard color solution of the instrument should be pleasant for them. In some ways, such a camera is also becoming a fashion accessory, and this is a coup, one of the components of the success of Fujifilm devices.

The camera is distinguished by very modest (taking into account the class and capabilities of the device) dimensions and low weight – 383 grams with a battery and a memory card. Of course, this is a big plus for those who want to be able to shoot comfortably while traveling or on long walks. I was very comfortable wearing the Fujifilm X-T30 on myself from morning to evening. At the same time, the second lens fits easily in the waist bag – this way you free yourself from having to carry a backpack that can stretch your shoulders without even being particularly heavy. On the issue of lenses: along with the new camera, Fujifilm has released a new wide-angle fixed lens XF 16 mm f / 2.8 R WR, which is also characterized by lightness and compactness. Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to test it, however, I think that for landscape enthusiasts this optics will be more interesting than the already fixed 23 mm fix – a wider viewing angle and moisture protection also play in its favor.

Externally, the X-T30 is very similar to its predecessor, the X-T20, even weighs exactly the same, but half a millimeter thicker. A number of nuances, however, have changed. Let’s take a closer look at how camera control is organized.

On the left edge is a compartment with USB Type-C connectors (cheers, this current port is now the norm in all modern cameras!), HDMI and a microphone input, which is also used to connect to a wired remote control. The connector is 2.5 mm, on a full-fledged 3.5 mm mini-jack Fujifilm is not generous. The camera has the function of charging via cable, so you do not need to take out the battery every time and carry a separate charger with you – this scheme already looks somewhat outdated, but it is relevant for serious photographers who are used to charging an additional battery in parallel with shooting – for potential users of the X-T30, this option does not seem mandatory.

On the right side of the camera there is a small ledge for grabbing with your right hand, which allows you to hold the camera more comfortably. For my small hand, it is quite enough, but for men with large palms the grip may seem less convenient. This is a compact, “low” camera, worth keeping in mind. If in this form it seems uncomfortable to you, then you can buy an optional pen that enlarges the camera vertically.

On the upper panel on the left we see a selector for selecting the drive mode and additional shooting modes. With it, you can quickly set the burst mode, panorama shooting, multiple exposure mode, choose one of two creative filters, and also activate the video shooting mode. This is a fairly original control element, characteristic for its set of functions specifically for Fujifilm cameras.

To his right are:

hot shoe for connecting an external flash + built-in flash;
a selector for choosing the shutter speed value; when the selector is set to “A”, the shutter speed will be selected by the camera independently;
shutter button combined with the on / off lever of the camera;
function key (Fn);
exposure compensation input disk.

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Fujifilm X-T30 Mirrorless Camera Review: the best travel camera?
Fujifilm X-T30 is a mirrorless camera with an X-Trans CMOS IV sensor of APS-C format, with a resolution of 26.1 megapixels and an image processor X Processor 4. Exactly the…