Optical or electronic viewfinder?
The optical viewfinder is good because it transmits the picture "as is" - without any embellishment, delay, flicker, etc. Since it is just a system of mirrors and lenses, it…

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“The camera should be small and light.”
On the experience of using Canon C300 and C500 cameras when shooting documentaries At the end of 2013, documentary director Vitaly Mansky and I began working on a picture of…

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Canon or Nikon? We put an end to the question
Who makes the best SLR cameras - Canon or Nikon? If there was a definite answer to this question, one of the companies would have long flown out of the…

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originally designed


As a rule, these devices are completely unpretentious. A miniature case, a camera, a microSD card slot, and a couple of buttons. However, there are exceptions. For example, today’s heroes have at least not one camera, but two.

In general, both DVRs (700 and 707 DUO PRO) are similar to each other like two drops of water. I am sure that if you show them to any person, then he will not see the difference. Is that the case color of the devices is slightly different. But the registrars have a difference and it is very fundamental. In general, this difference may affect the decision which of the two gadgets to choose. Are you intrigued? Well then, let’s figure it out. Continue reading


If you decide to buy a camera by the summer, and decide that this camera must be highly accurate, then the main choice that confronts you is the choice of camera type. Today, the world is dominated by five main classes of digital video cameras, which differ from each other in information carriers.

The camcorder has already become as ordinary a home media device as the TV

Here they are – recording on MiniDV tapes, on a DVD-ROM, on a hard drive, on a flash memory card, and finally on a flash memory such as SSD.

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Choose a compact camera in 2019

Modern compact cameras are extremely convenient for traveling, hiking and simple walks in a busy city, and are able to provide high-quality images that are not inferior to the sometimes larger analogues, which barely fit in special backpacks. And today we bring to your attention a small rating of the best compact cameras in the spring of 2019.

If you suddenly wanted to buy a compact camera, you will probably be glad to learn that the modern market offers a really huge selection of high-quality models. And this despite the fact that the sheer number of leading brands (most of which are of course Japanese) is not so great. In addition, each of the current models can offer something that your smartphone, for example, will not be capable of. It can be either various sensors or optical zoom, as well as many other features, such as a sufficient number of controls and settings, providing you the freedom to be creative when shooting. Continue reading

VHS video cassettes and VCRs designed for playing them first appeared on the market in 1976 and successfully outlived Sony Betamax and Video 2000 technologies. In the 1990s and 2000s…


5 best IP cameras
The main feature of any IP camera is its electronic filling. Depending on the cost of the device, it may have different additional functionality. For example, there are models that…


Choosing a camera for holidays and travel 2019
We choose a camera for travel and the holiday season 2019 - a compact, mirrorless, recording 4K video, with a viewfinder and built-in flash. The winter of 2019 has ended,…